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Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart

Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart by M.I. Dugast offers an unusual blend of romance and enlightenment. This is Dugast's first book in her Ekstasis magical realism romance series. I had to look up the word Ekstasis to try to get a better idea of what the title is intended to convey. This is what I found for ...

Electro: a small Texas town

Electro: A Small Texas Town (EMP Book 1) written by David Lisenby is an entertaining apocalyptic tale that takes place in Hardin County, Texas.  The story opens with a prelude of the lives of the main characters; Levi, Arlene, Harold, Kay, Roxie, Alice, Bailey, and Ashlyn. Each of their introductions ends with their sudden immersion into ...

Elvis: Destined To Die Young

Destined to Die Young is the definitive examination of why the world lost Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977, when he was only forty-two years old. Author Sally Hoedel has painstakingly researched the subject and offers factual and scientific data—plus never-before-published information she gained by interviewing people who personally knew Elvis—to ...

Enough About Me

What if your path to a more successful, purposeful, and satisfying life is actually not about you at all? When his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Richard Lui did something drastic. An award-winning journalist at the height of his career, Lui decided to set aside his own success in order to help take care of his ...


During the Vietnam War, the US military employed heavily-armed high-speed gunboats to intercept and disrupt enemy travel on the rivers and bays of South Vietnam.
In this variant from standard Vietnam War works, Michael Hebert takes the reader along for a ride in this engaging memoir of his year in Vietnam.  This light yet quick-witted ...


Evermark by Annie B. Carwyn is the story of Liam and Roselyn and their daughters. The story is set in 1609 and deals with adultery between a man and two young girls. One of the girls, Opal, tells her parents about the incidents--which results in Liam's arrest and torture. Roselyn is home with her daughters when the authorities arrive to let her ...

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur

Gregory V. Diehl’s new nonfiction, Everyone is an Entrepreneur, Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World, is an informative and entertaining source of valuable economic information. The author bases his edifying text on his vast experience as an American living in post-communist Armenia. Diehl is an adventurous world traveler ...


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