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From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw is a very moving story of hardship, inspiration, family, etc. told by three different people in three different times. You will meet Ruth, Saqapaya and Friede. The times and perils they go through involve war and the situations each of them find themselves in and how they cope and live through it all. Ruth is a Jewish girl in World War II, Saqapaya is a Native American in the Spanish Conquest and Friede is born during World War II. From Ashes Into Light immerses you totally and completely into the three lives. The reader will real extremely close to the characters, but at the same time be able to view them from afar and asses and take in what they are going through. Mouw does a masterful job of painting a picture of each with her words. You are captivated and enthralled with Ruth, Saqapaya and Friede. Mouw truly takes you on a journey that leaves you with lots to think about and ponder over. You will see that many hardships and struggles help them attain understanding and completeness. Suffering many times heals wounds. Good comes from bad--Mouw covered it all in a way that kept me reading--and reading--until I was finished. Mouw is a very talented story teller and will keep you glued to From Ashes Into Light.

2017 Fiction - Historical

About Gudrun Mouw

Gudrun Mouw was born in East Prussia. She came to California in the 60s and studied at San Jose State University. There she received her Master's Degree in English Literature. She has worked as a community college English teacher, a university librarian, a columnist and a California poet-in-the-schools. Mouw has lived in the Santa Barbara area for over thirty years, writing and teaching. Gudrun Mouw has a collection of poetry published called Wife of the House. From Ashes Into Light is her first novel.


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