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J.D. to J.D.: My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence

J.D. to J.D. My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence, by Brian D. Caplan, Esq., is an unusual, insightful memoir packed with humor and more than a glimpse into the entertainment industry’s legal wranglings. Caplan has represented or legally assisted many high profile entertainers or entertainment moguls. His ...

Jihadi Bride

Set in 2015, Jihadi Bride by Alastair Luft is a terrifying contemporary novel that is spell-binding in its portrayal of terroristic activities. This crime fiction takes place in Canada and the Middle East, but the setting could just as easily be in the United States. The prologue captures the reader with intrigue, as the author explores the power ...

Jocelyn's Box of Socks

Jocelyn’s Box of Socks by Kristen L. Jackson and vibrantly illustrated by Tino Santanach is an imaginatively crafted book to help children understand and cope with the vast array of emotions they will experience. Jackson has created a young girl who has a thing for socks. She loves them and basks in piles of them like Scrooge McDuck does in ...


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