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In Grace's Time

Author: Kathie Giorgio
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - General
Date Published: September 13, 2017
ISBN-10: 161296897X
ISBN-13: 978-1612968971


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About :   In Grace's Time

The book, “In Grace's Time,” by Kathie Giorgio and published by Black Rose Writing is a fictional account of what far too many parents experience with the death of a child. It is a story of dealing with bereavement, blame, and the unending pain a parent feels when they lose a child.  How do you continue on after this kind of tragedy or is there no "moving on," or "getting over it." Is there simply no easy fix, no solution to that kind of heartache?

“In Grace's Time,”  is a story about a mother, Grace, who loses her son, Paul, one of her three children in a freak accident and has to learn to deal with the resulting pain and anguish.

The death of her son causes Grace to spiral out of control into a self-absorbed deep depression. She neglects her family to the point of living in filth and seems incapable of realizing how far she has fallen. The death of her son is not the only death that she is dealing with, she is also coping with the recent loss of her mother.

                To ease her grief Grace initially nails the curtains closed to block the view of where the accident had occurred.  To her dismay, her husband removes the curtains and then tries to steer her back from the brink of hysteria.  It's then we find out more about Grace’s mother, Mary, who fancied herself as some sort of witch.  Grace feels as if her home is haunted by the ghost of her son and mother and she realizes if she wants to heal, she must temporarily get away from what is left of her family. Her mother had saved some money for Grace and before she had died,  had given it to Grace to use for just this eventuality.  With the funds and the burning desire to escape her current situation, she decides to temporarily leave her home and see if distance can alleviate her pain.

                She pairs up with a Doll seller, Vergil who is gay and they roll cross country in a not so new Chrysler Newport. One of their interests is looking for deals at swap meets. These encounters introduce these two to many interesting people during their road trip.

 As the Chrysler Newport rolls across the countryside with Grace and Vergil, Giorgio delves deeper into the feelings of grief associated with losing a child. For most readers, I believe that Grace's story along with Virgil, Nick, JJ, and Mary will grab you by your heart and twist and pull until the very end of the book. Will Grace claw her way up from the depth of what she sees as unimaginable pain, suffering, and sorrow?  Has Grace gone for good? Will her time come to return home?  What happens along the way? Giorgio has done a fantastic job of breathing life into her characters, and all you have to do is read the book to find out how it ends.

About Kathie Giorgio

KATHIE GIORGIO'S fifth book, "Oddities & Endings; The Collected Stories of Kathie Giorgio", a collection of Giorgio's stories previously published in literary magazines, was released by the Main Street Rag Publishing Company in June 2016. It was selected for the Top 100 Must Reads for the Summer list by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Giorgio's first poetry chapbook, "True Light Falls In Many Forms," was also released in June 2016. Giorgio's novel, "Rise From The River," was released by MSR on April 1, 2015 and debuted at Carroll University, where Kathie was serving as Visiting Author. "River" was on several "Must-read" lists during the summer of 2015. Her first three books, two novels, "The Home For Wayward Clocks" and "Learning To Tell (A Life)Time," and a short story collection, "Enlarged Hearts," were also released by MSR. "Clocks" received the Outstanding Achievement award by the Wisconsin Library Association Literary Awards Committee and was nominated for the Paterson Fiction Award. "Lifetime", the sequel to "Clocks", debuted to a standing-room-only audience at the 2013 Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books, where Kathie was the welcoming Keynote. "Hearts" was selected as one of the 99 Summer Must-Reads by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2012. Giorgio's short stories and poems have appeared in over 100 literary magazines, including Prairie Schooner, the Chariton Review, Fiction International, and Harpur Palate, and in many anthologies. Her short story, "Half-Dressed," published in Deep Water Literary Magazine, was nominated for the 2014 Write Well Award, sponsored by the Silver Pen Writers Association. She's been nominated for the Million Writer Award and for the Best of the Net anthology and has been interviewed for articles in Poets & Writers magazine. She is the director and founder of AllWriters' Workplace & Workshop, an international creative writing studio. Kathie lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with her husband, mystery writer Michael Giorgio, their daughter, Olivia, and an even number of beagles and cats. Kathie's three older children live close by.

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