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Win $500 from the 2019 PenCraft Award competition that celebrates the best books submitted for the year.
The second annual PenCraft Award is opened to all books written in the English Language with an ISBN and published between 2016 and 2019.
There are two ways to enter:
1.      Your books can be entered into the competition by submitting them to us by snail mail or by providing a pdf or eBook copy to us prior to the 2019 deadline.  The deadline is Midnight September 10, 2019.  The submission fee per book is $39. (Click here for Submission Instructions)
2.      If you've had a book reviewed by AuthorsReading.com during the 2019 submission window then that book is already entered into the competition.

The Grand Prize for the 2019 PenCraft Award is $500 cash.

Entry into the annual PenCraft Awards' competition can win you $500 and other prizes.  Each category winner is given a personalized framed award certificate and a digital high-resolution version of their PenCraft Award seal for their book or other marketing materials as well as a web-optimized graphic version of the seal for websites, blogs and social networking sites.

All works are judged on content, general excellence in writing and originality.  Books published by all publishers, including self-publishers, are accepted. The PenCraft Awards competition is an equal opportunity contest giving no merit to one type of publisher over another.
Submitted works will be judged by a panel of authors, librarians and other literature lovers. The criteria used is:
1. Literary/Artistic Merit (50%): The quality of writing receives primary consideration in the PenCraft Award judging. The book's editing, illustrations, and attention to detail involved in its creation is an important element in the selection process.
2. Originality (30%): Originality in concept and execution is another primary consideration in selecting winning titles. The book should demonstrate innovative artistic qualities, which in many cases will be specific to their genre or category.
3. Audience Appeal (20%): A PenCraft Award-winning book should have strong appeal to its target audience. The book should be judged on its effectiveness in engaging that particular readership.  The author or publisher should have their book listed on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Goodreads and other popular sites that introduce books to the public.
PenCraft award recipients will benefit from announcements in the media of their award-winning books. A National Press Release will include a list of all 1st place winners.  The chatter from these various list helps readers discover new and innovative works.
The Annual "PenCraft" Award winners will be announced in early October 2019 to coincide with the beginning of the Holiday season. A book award sets your book apart from its competition and the Holiday season is certainly a time when additional recognition for your work benefits book sales.

The 2019 PenCraft Award ceremony will be held in Texas at a place to be announced. The event will be in late October or early November 2019. Each winner will be given a chance to make a statement from behind the podium about their book and their aspirations. 

We hope you will soon be able to promote your Title as a PenCraft Award-Winning Book: As an award winner, you will have the right to highlight your PenCraft Award on your book cover, website, and marketing material. Additional award stickers will be available at a nominal price for all PenCraft Award winners in each category.
We welcome your questions, comments and ideas! Simply e-mail us for an immediate response.
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