Announcement of the Top 3 Winning Authors of the 2021 PenCraft Book Awards

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Announcement of the Top 3 Winning Authors of the 2021 PenCraft Book Awards

PenCraft Book Awards 2021

The words, “I couldn’t put it down.” “That’s the best compliment an author can get.”

November 05, 2021

The 2021 PenCraft Book Awards for Literary Excellence recognize 74 notable literary works in numerous categories for this year’s competition. Each year the PenCraft Book Awards organization honors the top three authors with cash prizes to recognize their achievements. Tricia O’Malley’s “One Way Ticket”, published by Lovewrite Publishing, was voted the best book of the year. Destined to Die Young by Sally Hoedel and published by Elvis Author won Best Nonfiction Book for 2021. The book voted Best Fiction of the Year 2021 was Furious: Sailing into Terror by Jeffrey James Higgins, published by Black Rose Writing.

Tricia O’Malley’s fictional work One Way Ticket won Best Book of the Year for 2021. Lovewrite Publishing, LLC published it. The book is escapism at its finest – a fun and engaging beach read where booking a one-way ticket to paradise means starting over, letting go, and taking a chance on love. O’Malley stated, “The one-way ticket is better, combined with a side of tequila. And I hope it sends readers on a delightful journey through the inner workings of this ramshackle island resort where love is often a game, Tensions arise between the staff, and each evening is an excuse for one more party. “

As the author of the hit series Mystic Cove, Siren Island, and Althea Rose, O’Malley delights in taking the reader on romantic adventures set in breathtaking locations. Originally from Wisconsin, she left the winter tundra for warmer places five years ago. O’Malley stated: “Since childhood, I have been drawn to the ocean and diving. These loves took me to a tropical island in the Caribbean.” Fascinated by island life, O’Malley channels the joys and frustrations of living on a little rock in the Caribbean into her work. On any given day, you will find her lost in the worlds of her own creation or in the depths of the water, where she takes great joy in photographing the impressive marine life.

As the bestselling author of the NY Times, USA Today and WSJ, Tricia O’Malley’s contagious joy at writing romance with an added dash of sparkle has won readers around the world. O’Malley’s stories have been translated into multiple languages ??and enjoy a devoted following with more than three million books read.

The winner of the PenCraft Book Awards for Best Nonfiction Book of the Year 2021 was Destined to Die Young by Sally Hoedel. Coping with and creating a holistic image of a music legend like Elvis Presley is no easy task, but Hoedel has made a meticulous and intelligent contribution. Larry Geller, Elvis’s personal stylist, friend, and spiritual mentor, stated, “Frida Kahlo once wrote, ‘I paint flowers so they don’t die,’ so her wonderfully comprehensive book will remain a pivotal addition to the Elvis Presley story, outshining most of the rest. “

This compassionate look at Elvis, through Hoedel’s lens, paints a bigger picture of the man himself and gives his fans a respite from the media assumption that he was simply a victim of prescription drug abuse. The author captures the essence of Elvis’s psychology and his drive to provide despite his physical limitations. Let’s let takeout be a deeper understanding for the pioneering artist who was so popular that he was known around the world by just his first name, Elvis.

Sally Hoedel stated: “I wrote this book because I sincerely believe that this is a story that Elvis would want to hear about. He needed to be a strong American man while he was alive, and he hid his pain and the weaknesses of his body. Yet he always knew that he was like everyone else: human. I think it would be okay if everyone now understood how human he was. He struggled with health issues and pain, but didn’t give up. My hope for my labor of love is that it makes readers stop and think of Elvis a little differently. He deserves it. ”

Sally A. Hoedel is from Northern Michigan and is a longtime Elvis fan and historian with a degree in journalism from Michigan State University. She is also the co-owner of Character Development and Leadership, a curriculum company.

Jeffrey James Higgins received PenCraft’s Fiction Book of the Year award for his deep-sea psychological thriller, “Furious: Sailing into Terror.” There is something about psychological suspense, be it a general killer or a cryptic investigation with many twists and turns, that draws suspense readers at all times. Higgins’ Furious: Sailing into Terror is one of those books. It weaves its female lead, Dagny Steele, into a complex and compelling visceral thriller. Dagny Steele has to live a transformative struggle to survive an unthinkable terror on the high seas.

Higgins certainly has the credentials to write thrillers; is a retired supervisory special agent who has fought the Taliban in combat, fought a suicide bomber, and chased terrorists across five continents. He is also a former reporter and received both the Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Heroism and the DEA Award for Valor.

Higgins stated: “I spent most of my police career hunting down terrorists, drug traffickers and transnational criminals, and I relied on that experience to write about life and death situations.”

The words, “I couldn’t put it down.” “That’s the best compliment an author can get,” Higgins said.

Jeffrey has been interviewed by CNN, New York Times, Fox News, Investigation Discovery, Declassified, and USA Today and received numerous literary awards.

Tricia O’Malley, Sally Hoedel and Jeffrey James Higgins are our three headliners. This year, we will also honor many other great writers who have won a PenCraft Book Award and honors from other literary competitions.

In a year of tremendous sacrifice, both health and financial for many, we are proud to be able to offer money and not just words to honor the accomplishments of our top winning authors. It is the policy of the PenCraft Book Awards to make payments directly to the winning authors and not to the publisher or agents.

The PenCraft Book Award competition strives to provide all authors an equal opportunity to promote their works to the reading public. Our goal is to make our competition inspiring, fun, and open to all authors. The PenCraft Book Award contest receives hundreds of nominations for awards, but only wins a small percentage. Our winners are the best. We hope to continue to be a conduit for introducing new authors and great new books to the reading public.

The Covid-19 issue has resulted in the 2021 PenCraft Book Award ceremony being held as a virtual event this year. No date has been set for the event yet. For more information, contact David Hearne, 409-656-4625.


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