Natsuya Uesugi DuBois

About the author:

Natsuya Uesugi is a Mixed half African-American and Indigenous, and half French and Scottish author and manga artist with ADHD on the Autism Spectrum who is an proud intersexed transgender male. A cybersecurity analyst working in high-tech Fortune 500 industry, he graduated from Georgetown Univeristy with a degree in English and minor in Japanese, and has MBA in International Management, and certificates in Graphic and Web Design, Cybersecurity and Social Engineering. Natsuya is author of the epic YA SF cyberpunk thriller series, "grydscaen" which explores the positive and negative impacts of technology on society. He focuses on promoting visibility and representation by writing books that showcase diverse characters. Natsuya studied animation and game design in art school which led to design of the grydscaen traditing card game which teaches teens about technology, hackers and social engineering. His epic series grydscaen about hackers against the government has been compared to The Matrix, Divergent, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner and Ender's Game. Natsuya is writing the books he could not find in college when he was searching for identity and the challenges that being mixed race brings regarding self-acceptance, perception, finding a place to fit in and identity. His grydscaen series features diverse characters who are neuro-divergent, LGBT, transgender and marginalized, often silenced in mainstream media. His works touch on how technology impacts society as seen in economics, classism, equal rights, social justice, homelessness, bullying, suicide, the climate crisis, and mental health. Telling stories through the lens of hackers fighting for social justice in a technologically advanced post-apocalyptic dystopian future, his grydscaen series is a microcosm of the currnet polarized environment.


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