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Charlie was trapped in the office with a never-ending pile of bills to pay. Harley was getting restless and taking a break seemed like an excellent idea. With the opening of the next envelope, however, things in the small bar were about to take a drastic change.

From the very first page of Sins of the Fathers, A. J. McCarthy has you hooked. When a young pub owner started receiving handwritten letters she was concerned. After showing the first letter to her bartender, Frank, Charlene Butler felt even more uneasy.  By the time the third letter was delivered it was determined that something had to be done.

Simm wasn’t your typical private detective. He wasn’t your typical man. Something about him rubbed Charlie wrong the first time she met him. It was obvious that the feeling was mutual. Their first meeting set the pace for the coming days. Little did the detective know but he had been hired to work a case that would ultimately change the direction of his life.

An unlikely pair, Simm and Charlie set off on a journey that would take them from a cozy pub in downtown Montreal to the seedy backstreets of Dublin, Ireland. Each new discovery only led the duo to more questions. An inquiry into a few creepy letters evolved to a trek that included mafia members on two continents. Danger and intrigue being the common theme at each turn.

Until those letters started coming, Charlie had lived a pretty normal life. Sure, there were some little things from her past that didn’t quite add up, but nothing stood out that would put her in any kind of danger. Why would someone want to hurt her or her little pug?

Would Charlie ever find the answers she was looking for? Was she ready for some of those answers to be revealed? What about Simm? Was he really the mystery man he seemed to be? Was he ready to address his past and finally put it behind him? Was she?

A. J. McCarthy published her second suspense thriller, Sins of the Fathers, in the wake of her successful novel, Betrayal. Readers will immediately identify with the main characters, including Charlie, Simm, Frank and Harley (the adorable pug).
The writer delves into the tragedies of child trafficking in a modern world.  Her skills as a storyteller bring an entirely new perspective on the long-term effects of the victims of such an unscrupulous act.

Sins of the Fathers is a good read with a storyline that flows very well. If you’re looking for the right book to entertain yourself with for an evening, this is the one to get. McCarthy has certainly established herself as a writing force to be reckoned with. 

About A.J. McCarthy

A.J. McCarthy is the author of two published novels, Betrayal, and Sins of the Fathers, along with numerous works in progress. She was born in Quebec, Canada and remained there to build a career in finance and accounting, and to raise her two daughters along with her husband. Now, she enjoys the new and diverse challenges and learning experiences involved with writing.

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