Feathers in the Sand - Overview

Feathers in the Sand

Author: Anne Marie Bennett
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Publisher: KaleidoSoul Media
Date Published: July 11, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8986050317


About :   Feathers in the Sand

Anne Marie Bennett, the author of Feathers in the Sand, writes an insightful tale for single mothers of all ages who are still finding their way. Bennett is a sensitive author who wrote an empowering piece of fiction to encourage self-discovery and personal growth. New beginnings are a frightening challenge for anyone, especially for a single mom with children and an unfulfilling job. Feathers in the Sand is a moving story of perseverance, family, and hope. Bennett uses the theme “starting over”, to explore the trials confronted by Tess Gilmore and her family. The story will touch the hearts of many mothers experiencing similar hardships who are trying to figure out solo parenting.

Tess Gilmore is typical of many over-stressed working moms. She has not only an eighteen-year-old son born when she was quite young but also an eleven-year-old daughter born soon after the children’s father left for the final time. Never married, Tess had no income from her child’s father and had struggled with working. She had also taken college classes in hopes of it translating to higher-paying jobs. Instead, she is living paycheck to paycheck. Tess has regretfully relied on her son, Micah, to babysit and entertain Eva while she tries to support them. Tess feels guilt and shame that she has neglected her daughter. However, through all of this, Eva and her big brother, Micah, have grown exceptionally close even though their relationship was strained a few times to the breaking point.

This background is oh so familiar to many struggling single moms. But Tess’s stress is additionally complicated and compounded by conflict at work. Tess’s situation changes when she receives a tempting offer to “start over.” Tess’s Aunt Kit informs her of an unexpected job opportunity, but one that requires relocation.   Tess finds contemplating the major move frightening and challenging. This move will involve uprooting her children and a new job for her. Even for a two-parent family, the change would be frightening and challenging, but for a solo mom with little emotional support, the change is simply daunting.

In addition to making a significant move, Tess is conflicted by her estranged relationship with her daughter, Eva. Tess recognizes that while she worked and went to school, she had also neglected her relationship with Eva but justifies her decision that it was necessary, and that Eva was safe with Micah. Tess’s relationship with her own mother is equally shaky. The generational triad adds additional emotional conflict and drama.

Tess has to face other challenges. Micah joins the Army, Eva runs away, an old boyfriend reenters the picture, and Micah has a terrible accident. The new relationship with the old boyfriend creates more friction between Tess and Eva. The complexity and honesty of this mother-daughter bond demonstrate the many facets of a mother-daughter relationship.

The Angel feathers that Eva finds around her new home lend a surprising resolution to some of the relational struggles and lend continuity to the plot. Moving to the beach town also has many positives: quirky new friends, a possible romance, and sunrise on the beach.

This empowering novel is much more than a “summer beach read.” Soul challenges, as well as new beginnings, are treated with realism and respect for unusual relationships. In addition, the author uses synchronicity to enable the reader to recall and appreciate similar occurrences in her own life. This is the first book in a proposed series and includes suggested book club discussion questions.

About Anne Marie Bennett

Anne Marie Bennett has been writing stories and novels since the sixth grade when she was assigned to write a short story and instead turned in a 40-page novel about a little girl who stumbles on an underground cat colony. Her English teacher (thank you, Mr. Ballantyne!) was so impressed, he sent it to a publisher. The publisher did not respond, but Anne Marie decided right then and there to be a Writer (note the capital W). Flash forward 50 years and she is still writing stories and novels (among other things)! Anne Marie has published several books about the intuitive process of SoulCollage?, as well as her two unique cancer journeys. Last year she released a fifty-page novella, All You Need is Love? and Lilacs, plus a young adult novel, Come As You Are. She is now focusing her creative energies on creating books and stories that are good for the soul. While some people think that falling love at first sight (or almost first sight) isn?t a ?thing,? Anne Marie experienced it firsthand in 1991 when she met her husband Jeff. It was four years until they celebrated a wedding, but the relationship that began almost thirty years ago is still thriving and going strong. She wishes the same for Ben and Savannah, the main characters in Dragonflies at Night. These days, Anne Marie spends lots of time writing, reading, wearing bright colors, trying out scintillating varieties of dark chocolate, creating mixed media collages, working with the SoulCollage? process and EFT Tapping, and traveling to new places with Jeff, as well as spending quality feline time with Louis and Seymour who grace her life with much love, joy, and laughter.

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