Kat & Maus - Overview

Kat & Maus

Author: Brad Chisholm & Claire Kim
Genre: Romance - Contemporary
Date Published: January 18, 2018
ISBN-10: 1684330122
ISBN-13: 9781684330126


About :   Kat & Maus

Kat & Maus is a romance novel written by Brad Chisholm & Claire Kim and published by Black Rose Writing.  The book is a great study of the insecurities that often develop and wreak havoc in a relationship.  Mark Bell is a successful attorney with an extraordinary beautiful wife, Kat, who was a former Playboy playmate. Kat was a big catch for Mark, she was much younger than he was and having her as his wife enhanced his professional image as a prosperous successful attorney. Kat was not only Mark’s wife but his project. He wanted Kat to be perfect, any minor flaws that he perceived in her, became his obsession to fix. That included fixing a slight gap in her teeth and replacing her entire wardrobe.  The marriage seemed solid but slowly things changed and then Mark began to feel that Kat’s affection for him had waned. Mark idolized his wife and her change of attitude towards him started to affect his work. He gradually became convinced that she was having an affair with some unknown lover and he becomes driven to find out who that mysterious person could be.

At about the same time that his marriage is faltering, Mark becomes involved in a huge celebrity criminal case that will change his life in many ways. The accused is an indigent soldier, Gunnar Becker, whose friend, Finn Maus, brings the case to Mark’s firm and basically begs him to represent his friend.  Mark sees the case as a high-profile media grabber that will make his face and name a lot more famous and agrees to take it on. That decision, however, will wreak havoc in his life.

This romance novel combines real life-and-death adventure along with the reality of dying embers of love that so often occurs between married couples.  The story illustrates the problem that many face when their roles and worlds become so radically different that they slowly become strangers to each other. Kat & Maus addresses the issue of trust and our insecurities. Can the distrust of a partner be the final catalyst that destroys the little that remains in a fractured marriage?

Kat & Maus was written by author Brad Chisholm and real-life Los Angeles attorney Claire Kim. The duo has  also penned the whodunit novel “K-Town Confidential.” Their writing style is authentic and intriguing. Their work makes for supremely satisfying reading, in fact, it is an utter delight.

About Brad Chisholm & Claire Kim

Brad Chisholm is a Los Angeles based writer and the co-author of K-Town Confidential. Claire H. Kim is a Los Angeles based attorney and the co-author of K-Town Confidential.

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