War, What Comes After - Book Review

War, What Comes After

Author: Brendan Bigney
Genre: Poetry/Music
Date Published: October 31, 2020
ISBN-13: 979-8685146632

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Book Review of :  War, What Comes After

About Brendan Bigney

Split by fission, plagued by fusion, living with creative demons... Brendan S Bigney writes poetry for the non-poets. Writing in a storm of fire, he summons fictional imagery of Chaos and Order with the touch of the Atomic Kiss. Mix it with hard reality, and you get mind-altering and empowering poetry that hits you where it matters. Before living out the remainder of his half-life, he was a Quest Giver in the Marine Corps where operations was his practiced art form. He never slept, rarely smiled, and mumbled with the muses. He enjoys a good dose of CS and is always working on a combination of words left unused. Marines called him The Nuclear Cowboy.


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