His True and "Unveiled" Face! - Overview

His True and "Unveiled" Face!

Author: Charles Anemelu
Genre: Christian - Non Fiction
Date Published: January 1, 2018
ISBN-10: 1941065430
ISBN-13: 9781941065433


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About :   His True and "Unveiled" Face!

Fr. Charles Anemelu's book, "His True and 'Unveiled' Face", is an epic, meticulously detailed study of what Jesus might have looked like during his few decades on earth. His work on the subject displays the same thoroughness, and intensity that the great biographer Robert A. Caro is noted for in his work.
Father Anemelu's writing shows not only a supreme command of the subject but his chosen words also impart an emotional experience into it. The reflections he shares in his book, and his deep diving into his quest to bring a vision of the face of Jesus to every reader moves beyond the obvious as he extracts and illuminates every nuance of his research to the reader.
As in the style of an immersion writer, Father Anemelu displays a great desire to get the story right, not just to address his unassailable set of facts, but also to convey the enormity of his endeavor; its meaning to him and what he hopes will be its meaning to his readers.
Reading "His True and 'Unveiled' Face" might give you reasons to struggle with your views and perhaps change the way you have envisioned the face of Jesus by the time you have completed Father Anemelu's 400-page book.
Father Anemelu's book also reminded me, in a way, of Dan Brown's historical themed novels with their motifs of Christianity and scintillating mystery that generated tremendous controversy. I think Father Anemelu's book will also create controversy or at least spiritual discussion and debate over the conclusions of "His True and 'Unveiled' Face." It will certainly be for many a catalyst for introspection and exploration of their faith. What questions are answered in Father Anemelu's conclusion in his book,"His True and 'Unveiled' Face?" What was Jesus' skin color - black or white? What are the clues to his appearance? Sorry, you will have to read Father Anemelu's book to find the answer to those and to many other mysteries.

About Charles Anemelu

Fr. Charles Anemelu is a Roman Catholic priest and an alumnus of Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. Before his ordination in 1997, to the priesthood, he earned bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and Theology from both St. Joseph's Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene and Seat of Wisdom Seminary, Owerri, respectively - both affiliates of Urban University, Rome. Scripture, systematic (or dogmatic) theology, liturgy, Church history, and ecclesiastical Latin are the areas of the Church's culture that interest him. Of Nigerian Descent, Fr. Anemelu currently holds a master's degree and a doctorate from Seton Hall University. He also holds a doctoral degree (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership, Management, and Policy from Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. Prior to his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Management, and Policy, Charles received a Masters degree(M.A) in Psychological Studies at Seton Hall University Fr. Charles Anemelu is the author of "Psycho-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Students at Colleges in the US Paperback" - October 8, 2014. His latest work titled, "His True and 'Unveiled' Face," took 2 years to write that followed a period of intensive reflections and research. He has also penned the foreword on behalf of Fr. Anyagwa's two books of sermon or homily.


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