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"This book doesn't only suck you in, but really allows you to feel as though you are there and apart of the book. It is entertaining and kept me reading even when I should have headed to bed. Definitely purchasing the next one, and cannot wait for more from this up and coming writer!" - Amazon Customer, ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Author Charles D'Amico has crafted a powerful plot that drives the thrills on from the very first moments of the opening chapter, and some fantastic pacing rides the train of suspense right to the book’s startling conclusion- K.C. Finn


Neil Baggio has adjusted to life after the Bureau, finally accepting he may never close the case of his mentor-turned-famed-killer, Cappelano.

But Cappelano isn't finished with his student yet. Neil is still in need of his teachings, and Cappelano will do everything in his power to finish the lesson.

After a rash of killings by Cappelano, Neil is drawn back into the Bureau and his unfinished business with his mentor. But to finally put things to an end, he won't play by the Bureau's rules again. He'll have to color outside the Bureau's lines if he's going to catch Cappelano once and for all.

About Charles D'Amico

Charles was born and Raise in Metro Detroit, MI with one sibling. He went to an all boys Catholic Prep high school where his mother taught, before she passed away, and he eventually graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors in 2004 where he studied Psychology and Criminology.

He Currently Resides in Amarillo, TX where is company Blue Rock owns and operates a chain of restaurants in three cities. He is married to his Wife Colleen with his two kids. Charles has been known to say Amarillo has treated him like home since the day he has arrived.

Charles has always had a gift to write, and when he had an injury after college he decided to start writing full time. Though he quickly took on a job and sidelined it he continued to write until the day would come he felt ready. Now with more experience, knowledge and time Charles is dedicated to bring his life experience and tone to the literary world through his Neil Baggio Suspense series and his other Novels Such as One Golden Day.

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