Inviting the Moon to Supper - Overview

Inviting the Moon to Supper

Author: CJ Clark
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Three Furies Press, LLC
Date Published: June 11, 2020
ISBN-10: 1950722406
ISBN-13: 978-1950722402


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About :   Inviting the Moon to Supper

Inviting the Moon to Supper, by Cj Clark, is magic realism that will captivate young adults. Set in 1954 in the Northwest, the plot follows a thirteen-year-old Ojibwa orphan girl, Sam, on a quest to find her dog during a winter blizzard.

 Sam’s adoptive parents had been killed in a freak airplane accident, leaving her with fears of abandonment or of being sent to the white man’s boarding school. She runs off with her dog, DeeOGee, for her reclusive grandfather’s cabin hidden in the dense snowy forest of Crooked Hills.  Grandfather Otto Ambrose is known as a traveling magician. He had taught her some of his simpler magic tricks, but he indicated that there was much more to magic. She finds his small log cabin vacant and cold, but Sam stays hoping for his return.  As the winter weather worsens, Sam decided to take the dog and search for him.

Following a faint trail in the snow, she arrives at a fence with a sign printed with a warning from the magician, to go no further.  DeeOGee jumped over the fence and disappeared. The tale now becomes magical fiction as Sam encounters Nordic mythology and legends in the form of mysterious misfits. There are the evil elves -Smalls of Plodheim, the Bigs of Yagheim, giant flying Renerongs, the god of mischief, Loki, and others who attempt to kill Sam. She gradually overcomes her fear, panic, and anger as she discovers magic that helps her make decisions and positive choices.  Fighting off the strange demons and racing time before the Winter Solstice, Sam is confronted with superstitions and truths.

Somehow the magic surrounding Sam during her search for her dog affects time/space and weather. As Sam learns which characters drawn from Norse myth and Native American legend to trust, she develops hope for her survival. The Crazy Dog Man, Violet, the mute Small and the strange creature, Sol, frighten her but teaches her to have hope and to trust her decisions.

After a period of struggle, Sam finds herself bruised, starving, and freezing on her friend’s porch.  She is taken into the family.  Were her experiences just dreams?  Her dog, DeeOGee, is still missing. Sam realizes that she is having a very hard time telling if the things she believes she’s experienced were real, figments of her imagination or dreams. She realizes she needs the help of others to resolve this confusion in her recollections.  Somehow, she wants to find a way to determine the difference between dreams and reality. Can she leave her new home to repeat her quest to find her friend? She knows that now she is better prepared for the challenge.

Cj Clark’s character, Abequa Svenson, a wise Lakota woman, becomes instrumental in Sam’s life – to help her find clarity in her mind. This is a story that weaves compelling tales of  magical places that defy modern-day logic, but makes you wonder if it is possible that they do exist for those who have the ability to traverse into another dimension?

This charming story incorporates the theme of magic with morals, friendship with exotic, weird characters, as well as learning to overcome fear and to develop determination. Cj Clark’s prose is beautiful—the novel is written with precision, told in a youthful and powerful voice through a Native lens. Inviting the Moon to Supper has a magical-realist element, with spirits woven into its real-world threads. This is an excellent novel to use in group discussions with young people.

About CJ Clark

Cj Clark was raised and educated in Europe. She has traveled with creative purpose throughout the United States and Canada and is currently settled near Austin, Texas with her clan of rescued dogs and cats. She is a magical realism artist, a poet, animal advocate, and novelist. Novels include The Permanence of Waves, When Color Fades (LangMarc Publishing), Cien Pamieci (Proszynskii S-ka Media translation of When Color Fades) and Inviting the Moon to Supper (Three Furies Press). Her poetry has been published in Harbinger Asylum editions.

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