Tales of the Elder Statesman - Book Review

Tales of the Elder Statesman

Author: Edward Faith
Genre: Fiction - Humor
Date Published: March 15, 2021
ISBN-10: 1663207089
ISBN-13: 9781663207081

Book Review of :  Tales of the Elder Statesman

About Edward Faith

Edward Faith is a retired employee of a large chemical company and currently lives in St. Stephens, Alabama. Edward graduated from Mississippi State University in 1964 with a BS in Geography. After retiring in 1992, he enjoyed tutoring students in algebra. Through the years he has served on the Washington County Hospital Board, on the St. Stephens Historical Commission, on the Board of Directors of the St. Stephens Water System and on the Board of Directors of the St. Stephens Nutrition Center. From the many experiences with people through the years, Edward was encouraged by friends to record numerous anecdotes in a book. The result is, "Tales of the Elder Statesman."


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