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Sassy Food is an empowering tool disguised as a fun photo book. Ja-ne's inspiration to grow food in the pandemic led to much peace and calm to the author and her 93-year-old hanai mother while the chaos of the pandemic was out there. In their bubble of not allowing people inside the house and being just about completely isolated, they had positive changes every day, They added freshness to their meals with things they grew. It was exciting and gave them something to look forward to every day.

About Ja-ne de Abreu

Ja-ne always liked to write stories. After obtaining her degree in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans, she worked for twenty years in the mediums of photography, videography, and writing for other companies. Fulfilling their creative projects prompted Telly award winner, Ja-ne de Abreu, to manifest her own. Ja-ne now focuses on exploring the energy inside our choices and the resulting responsibilities and freedom by telling stories through various methods.


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