THE HANDLER - Overview


Author: Jeffrey S. Stephens
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Date Published: August 3, 2022
ISBN-10: 1637585829
ISBN-13: 9781637585825



Jeffery S. Stephens, author of The Handler. A Nick ReaganThriller is a master of intrigue and espionage. Stephen's novel is so in sync with today's war on terrorism that the author includes a disclaimer that "most of the details are sheer fabrication." Details of terrorist activities are the product of his imagination and "have nothing to do with reality." However, reader beware. Compare the plot to what is happening in the daily news, and you might end up wondering if he is also a fortune teller.

The prologue describes the recruitment and indoctrination of two disenchanted young Muslim men. Neither young man had a sense of belonging in their community and was quickly and easily converted to extremists for the call of jihad. The backdrop for a part of the story takes place in Dearborn, Michigan, which is the largest Muslim community in America.

In Shanghai, CIA clandestine operative, Nick Reagan, tries to learn the secrets of a manufacturing plant owned by Anatole Mindlovitch, a Russian. His investigation leads to frightening abductions, intrigue, and a secret invention called the Ghost Chip. The rapidly escalating plot revolves around him and his partner as they rescue three scientists and become aware of serious, sinister plots. This gripping international story with a double plot pits professional protagonists against cunning antagonistic religious zealots.

Back in the United States, a parallel plot revolves around the two young Muslim men and the "Handler," who is directing their moves for his own agenda. His goal is the destruction of infidels through terroristic means. His means are reprehensible, involving the gruesome killing of his own recruits and multitudes of innocent bystanders. The Handler's horrifying tactics involve planned randomness and terroristic plots that seem to follow no pattern. He shows no remorse. Murders are gruesome.

The mission for Reagan and the government entities is to fight the forces of darkness and thwart the terrorist organizations' activities which, of course, clashes with the Handler's objectives of mass destruction of infidels.

Scientists are abducted and threatened with death if they do not help with the perfection of the tools the terrorists need to carry out their terrorist attacks. A famous mall and amusement center become a prime target for the terrorist attacks.

The Handler is a heart-pounding ride with great narratives and interesting people and places. It's got it all - spies, assassins, guns, and terrorist cells. An excellent blend of drama and suspense with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader enthralled. If you liked Vince Flynn novels, you would love Stephens's super cool CIA operative Nick Reagan. Will Reagan outrun and outthink his enemies, or will they succeed in achieving their jihadist goals?  You will need to read The Handler to find out.

About Jeffrey S. Stephens

Jeffrey S. Stephens is the author of the Jordan Sandor thrillers, Targets of Deception, Targets of Opportunity, Targets of Revenge, and Rogue Mission, as well as the murder mystery Crimes and Passion. A native of the Bronx, Stephens now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife, Nancy, where they raised their two sons.

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