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Severed Threads by Kaylin McFarren is the story of Rachel Lyons - her dead father and Chase Cohen. The book opens with Rachel and Chase each trying to deal with the blame they feel for Rachel's father's death. McFarren details the events leading to Sam's death and then fast forwards you to 4 years later. There we find Rachel and Chase back in each other's company, but under very different circumstances. Needless to say there is a lot of water under the bridge between the two of them. Rachel absolutely wants nothing to do with Chase and Chase wants to rekindle the relationship for the sake of finding the treasure that Sam had been searching for. Chase and Dr. Ying (Museum Director) want a relic recovered from the Chinese merchant ship. Rachel's brother is kidnapped and she is desperate to save him - therein lies a problem. She must steal the relic from Chase in order to save her brother from the underworld gangsters that have him. Will she betray Chase to save her brother? Not only is Rachel dealing with the reappearance of Chase in her life, a kidnapped brother, but also the very realization that she will have to relive her father's death. Rachel has basically shut those memories out of her life--can she stand to have all of it dredged up. McFarren has done a masterful job of writing Severed Threads with an abundance of suspense, romance and history. The story catches you immediately and you are a rapt reader to the very end. Great Read - You will enjoy!!!!!

2017 Fiction - Suspense

About Kaylin McFarren

Since launching her writing career, Kaylin McFarren has earned more than a dozen literary awards in addition to a finalist spot in the 2008 RWA Golden Heart Contest. A member of RWA, Rose City Romance Writers, and Willamette Writers, she also lends her participation and support to various charitable organizations, as well her own foundation benefiting cancer research in the Pacific Northwest. McFarren currently lives with her husband in Oregon. They have three daughters and two grandsons and enjoy traveling the globe and making monthly visits to their second home in California. For more information about McFarren, her writing process, and her books, be sure to visit her website at

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