Author: Lisa M. Hutchison
Genre: Non Fiction - Memoir
Date Published: July 27, 2017
ISBN-10: 3732398749
ISBN-13: 9783732398744


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Iron Annie and A Long Journey by Lisa M. Hutchison is the story of one German airline pilot-Albert. Albert is in Germany before Hitler and WWII, during Hitler and after Hitler. The book follows Albert from a young pilot with wife and two children to the end of his life. Early in life Albert loses his first wife and is left with two small children. From this point on, the reader is immersed in Albert's life and his journey. The trials and tribulations are plentiful for Albert and his family. He absolutely remains a steady, levelheaded man that the reader certainly enjoys following through the long journey. Albert goes on to remarry and have more children--serve as a pilot during WWII--live a life separated from his family for years only to be reunited with them. Hutchison has written a story during some of the worse years Germany and the world has ever seen--unlike so many books written about this era, Hutchison does not focus on the the horrible Hitler, but on one man. The story of Albert's life is one that will keep you reading from page one. The hardships and inhumane things that Albert and his family endured never conquered Albert. His perserverance and outlook on life stays with him throughout the book - and serves him well throughout. Hutchison writes a story that will appeal to all readers - the book is not about the ugliness of the times, but of the everyday man and his family and their survival!! Excellent read!!!

About Lisa M. Hutchison

Lisa Hutchison was born in Berlin, Germany during WWII. When she was one year old her family was displaced during a bombing raid and thus began a very long journey for many years for all of them. Eventually, her parents decided to immigrate to Canada to give their children a better life. She was 12 years old when the family settled in Toronto. Having earned her B.Comm she worked in different areas in finance, insurance, and banking as well as in several hospitals. In 1971 she married her first husband, a Hungarian trumpet player, whose sudden death in 1980 prompted her to write her first published book, "Pieces of Us". As time passed by Lisa met her future husband Robert, a clergy, and they were married in 1985. They have three children, six grandchildren and live a wonderful life in Stratford, Ontario. Both enjoy traveling and spend many weeks each year in Portugal.

It was on one of those vacations that the story of the extraordinary lives of her parents took root and "Iron Anny and a long journey" was born. 


By: Lisa HutchisonDate: 12/27/2019 19:26:28
Helly Nancy - thank you for your comments, was not notified that you had written, sorry for the late reply. My parents emigrated to Canada when I was 11 years old and I have made this country my home ever since.

By: NancyDate: 12/03/2019 21:27:20
Hello, I just finished a very enjoyable reading of Bertha.  I was hoping to find out when I reached the end of the book how you came to be living in Canada.  Would you consider sharing that information with your readers?

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