Space Is Open For Business - Book Review

Space Is Open For Business

Author: Robert Jacobson
Genre: Non Fiction - Business/Finance
Publisher: Robert Jacobson
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: ISBN 978-1-7342

Book Review of :  Space Is Open For Business

Space is the sector with the most unlimited potential for progress and collaboration. When space advances, other industries benefit. When other industries advance, space benefits as well—innovations and progress multiply.

From Hollywood to navigation, communications devices to streaming services, medical discoveries to robotics, agriculture to energy, all of these industries affect space and are affected by space—much like bees pollinating flowers.

Jacobson proposes that space startups can borrow tactics and strategies developed by other entrepreneurs and thought leaders—such as Peter Thiel, Eric Ries, and Ben Horowitz—to improve space startups' probability for success.

This book includes:
Insights from over 100 experts, including industry leaders and investors, into the economics and strategies for leading the trillion-dollar race to commercialize space.
Breakdown of the space economy verticals.
How space, arts, and culture are deeply linked.
A 360-degree view of the wide-ranging space industry, its emerging opportunities, investment potential, benefits on Earth, and more.

Space investor and entrepreneur Robert C. Jacobson provides a comprehensive overview of this spectacular industry, allowing everyone on Earth to understand the integral role space plays in our lives, how it will continue to transform the world, and how you could participate.
In the vein of Mary Roach, Jacobson makes a complex topic easily understandable—and accessible—for every reader.

Space as an industry offers a triple bottom line: Return on Investment, Innovation, and Inspiration.

About Robert Jacobson

Robert C. Jacobson is an entrepreneur and investor driven by a life-long passion for space. A born improviser, team builder, and dealmaker, Robert approaches business challenges with a flexible and creative mindset. With a talent for developing nuanced, boundary-defying solutions, he creates effective bridges between various enterprises and worlds of experience?from merging interests and subject matter to propelling humanity forward via space?s myriad offerings.

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