The Pakistani Connection - Overview

The Pakistani Connection

Author: Stuart Craigie
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Date Published: June 23, 2016
ISBN-10: 3000533214
ISBN-13: 978-3000533211


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About :   The Pakistani Connection

The Pakistani Connection by Stuart Craigie is a book of espionage, intrique and terrorism. The United States has set out and succeeded in killing Bin Laden, but the MI6 has reasons to believe that Bin Laden has not been running Al Qaeda for quite sometime. They send two of their best agents to infiltrate and destroy this faction of Al Qaeda. John Sebastian had been a top soldier with SAS before becoming wounded and not able to continue his duties. Immediately after leaving SAS Sebastian applies and becomes a reporter for Al Jazeera. Naeem Fiazudin is a SAS agent and highly trained and regarded in his field. The two of them had worked together previously in the hunt for Bin Laden. Mike Sanders, the MI6 director knows they have a daunting task ahead-to identify and destroy the true leader of Al Qaeda. Sanders, his staff, American intelligence, Sebastian and Fiazudin begin the process of the infiltration into this faction. Fiazudin is to work on the inside and Sanders and Sebastian assist on the outside. Fiazudin returns to his Muslim Mosque and begins his journey to return to Allah and become a part of the inner circle. This inner circle will lead Fiazudin eventually to the leader and mastermind of A lQaeda. Sanders, Sebastian and Fiazudin spend months and months working and delving to try and circumvent obstacles to keep Fizaudin from being "found" and "taken" care of within this terrorist group. Fiazudin becomes the leader for the raid on a prison to break out a fellow Afghan whose brother was very high in the Taliban. The raid is successful and there begins the groups trust and promotion of Fiazudin. He, Sanders and Sebastian could never have imagined what the faction is planning. This single mission, if carried off successfully, will change the entire world and elevate Al Qaeda to the most powerful position ever imaginable. Fiazudin is recruited and chosen to mastermind the theft of bombs from a Pakistani plant and then place them in four places around the world. Al Qaeda and MI6 have engineers planted in the plant that aid and assist in their cause. Craigie takes this intense, indepth account of the months, weeks and days leading up to the theft and keeps the reader totally enthralled and entrenched in The Pakistani Connection. He weaves the account of each participant to each other and the project to the point that you absolutely cannot put the book down. Craigie is a master at keeping the technical jargon, etc. that is needed to tell the story, easy to read and follow. Highly recommended! Thoroughly enjoyed!!

2017 Fiction - Thriller

About Stuart Craigie

The author was born in 1945 at the end of WWII in the North West Frontier province of war time India (now Pakistan); son of Major Ian Craigie of Scottish and Russian parentage. He is married, has adaughter and has lived and worked in Germany for the past twenty years. He holds dual British and German citizenship. His early childhood was spent in Kenya East Africa. He finished his academic career studying Physics at University College London. After obtaining a B.Sc first class honors and Ph.D. degree he began research in high energy nuclear particle physics. Over the next fourteen years he published over eighty scientific works in major physics journals and proceedings of international conferences, His publications included two monographs and two books.(Most of his works can be found in the ww web under 'N S Craigie') During his research years he visited the Soviet Union and a number of east block countries attending symposiums, giving seminars and collaborating with east block physicists on joint projects. These experiences gave him a vivid impression of life behind the iron curtain during the cold war and brought him indirectly in contact with the KGB and East German Stasi, who were monitoring the scientists he had contact with. In 1984 he left academia and entered industry as a developer of intelligent sensors for the automation industry. In his first four years he submitted and was granted six patents in the above mentioned field. In 1990 he took up a position as a senior executive of his current employer and became its joint CEO and Managing Director in 1994. One of his important tasks was chairman of the board of the directors of a joint venture company in Shanghai. Over a period ofsixteen years he visited and worked in China on numerous occasions. As a frequent traveler over the years, visiting almost all continents, numerous countries, including most of the major cities around the world, he often took for leisure an exciting spy thriller novel from one or other of his favorite authors: Forsyth, le Carre, and Higgins. As time went on he had read most of their works as well the works of Follet, Arthur, Clancy, Forbes and others, so that he found less and less to read. Five years ago this gave him the motivation to write spy novels himself as part of a wider urge to write about life in general. He is aided by a vivid imagination combined with his many interesting and unusual experiences in life. His other major pastimes are scuba diving, in which he has the Master Scuba Diver certification and making UW films. In his student days he had a great interest in philosophy and the development of human behavior and their social order This interest is beginning to re-assert itself and in the future he intends to write something on his thoughts in this direction, but for the time being crime and espionage thrillers, will be his main preoccupation

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