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The Dance Towards Death by Tejas Desai is the third volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle.  It continues with the stories of several violent members of international criminal factions.  The author puts you on the money trail as different gangs run drug scams, deal in diamonds, investment fraud, and even murder.

            Niral’s life becomes more complex as he leaves diamonds behind to become supplier, middle man and distributor, and also a drug dealer.  His numerous mob connections involve him in bribery and plots to commit assassinations. Other characters are reintroduced with their backstories tied to locations, whether it’s India, Thailand, or the U.S.  Alliances change as fugitives accept bribes and switch allegiances. 

            In the United States, new characters are introduced to the plot to battle anarchy and disorder in a land dispute that involves warring, mafia controlled building contract corporations.  Original characters from the first volume are reintroduced to tie the plots together. 

            Much of the plot is told in conversational dialogue. “So we just forget this bastard murdered my father, ruined my marriage, sent our relatives and friends to prison, stole our money, and decimated our city? Is that what you mean?” Characterization is also revealed through dialogue. “My office nigga,”…”It ain’t Fifth Avenue or nothing, but it do.”

             Religious teachings and culture are important to the story. Nat, a detective searching for his son, witnesses burnings, spiritual processions, chanting and prayers. Niral cannot comprehend abstract phenomena in religions. He experiences “an emptiness, a void, nothing at all but fraudulence” and is in a complex labyrinth of deceit and opaque underground crime.

            Opposed to the caste system, the Indian Brotherhood is trying to equalize and help the citizens of their culture in the United States and in India. The common people are happy because they won’t have to pay for anything, not realizing that “the fantasyland” created for them will collapse when the government “stops pumping money in, laziness will rule, the same divisions will form and someone else will reap the rewards”.

            As in the previous books, multiple names for a person are used as is the custom of that particular country and may be difficult to discern. A glossary of terms will enable the reader to become more familiar with the Asian culture.

Desai's trilogy is a thought-provoking narrative on loyalty, hope, crime, justice, politics, religion, and family.  He uses the lineaments of fantasy and fiction to relate the truth about societal differences, customs, and the universal experience of life. Desai has created with his trilogy a literary rollercoaster ride that will have you savoring its thrills, and breathtaking adventure. It is a terrific story, eloquently told. The Dance Towards Death is an absorbing and incisive expose of affiliations, roots, race, and attachments to causes, countries, people, and families.

About Tejas Desai

Tejas Desai was born in New York City. He is a novelist, short story writer, blogger, educator, librarian, and the founder of The New Wei Literary Movement and Collective. He has won the Wesleyan Fiction Award, sponsored by Norman Mailer, and has been a honorable mention in the Princeton Poetry Contest. He holds both a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing/Literary Translation and a Master of Library/Information Science.

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