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Award-winning author, Annette G. Anders, has another hit romance novel with Bellini’s Mimosa. An avid traveler with intimate knowledge of the novel’s settings in Italy and later in New England, the author shares her understanding and love for culture and history that will excite both an experienced traveler and the armchair adventurer. The inclusion of Italian phrases authenticates a sense of place. In addition, her understanding of human nature and emotions captures the reader’s imagination and touches hearts.

Mimi Albizia has escaped from a demoralizing incident at home in Boston to spend a few months in Verona, Italy. On her return home, she enjoys a final weekend in Venice, where a chance encounter with Jake Bellini changes her life. Thousands of miles separate their lives but not their lingering memories of that chance meeting.

The author’s ability to portray unique characters is evident in the introduction of Jake. “Hip-hugging jeans covered long legs”… a jacket was hooked on a finger “over his shoulder, sinewy forearms strained the rolled-up sleeves…and hinted at an overall toned body. Short, dark hair and three-day stubble perfected his manly look.”

The novel relates the budding romance through the alternating points of view of Mimi in Boston and Jake in Italy until fate provides another chance meeting. The second unexpected meeting flames their romance. But personal struggles and the reality of living thousands of miles apart challenge the couple.

The author’s introduction of Mimi and her student discussing the ending of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” hints at the outcome of Mimi’s and Jake’s romance. Will it have a happy ending or a sad one? Mimi’s trials begin with her sister Nicki’s bachelorette weekend. The antics of six young women in search of diversion and merriment show their exuberance for fun-filled activities until chaos strikes. Mimi tries to separate herself from these “superficial people” and wonders when they will ever grow up.

Meanwhile, Jake is absorbed in his own dilemma with challenges to his goals. His family pressured him into returning to Martha’s Vineyard to help in the family hotel business. He prefers to remain in Tuscany, running his uncle’s winery. His unexpected reunion with Mimi challenges his goals and his heart. The plot develops on the theme of true love, not just romance, with the trials of family love and responsibilities setting the stage for mature decision-making for both of the young lovers.

The lighthearted but also serious plot involves characters that are wholesome yet flawed. Bellini’s Mimosa sizzles in a few scenes, and you will love the chemistry between Jake and Mimi.  Fans of contemporary romance will anticipate a sequel to this first book in Anders’s new series, Colors of Happiness. 


About Annette G. Anders

Annette G. Anders grew up in Germany with a love for books, music and traveling instilled by her parents. She always liked the idyllic world created by Astrid Lindgren, loves listening to ABBA, but also enjoys classical music. When she can't travel, Annette explores the world through the eyes of her favorite writers. Annette has worked for many years as an Executive Assistant in Germany and Switzerland. In 1998, she and her husband moved to the United States, where they welcomed and raised their son. In 2019, Annette found the inspiration and courage to write her first novel, TURN BACK TIME (The Full Circle Series), which released in 2020 and won the 2021 National Indie Excellence Award in the Relationships category, and the 2021 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal for Realistic Fiction. Other books in the Full Circle Series include IN DUE TIME and TIME IS ETERNITY (Sept. 16, 2021), as well as TIME WILL TELL (coming spring 2022). Annette is currently also working on the first book of a new series with a release date in 2022. In her stories, Annette explores relationship questions, how events from our past influence decisions in the present, and what it takes to follow our dreams. Her characters are relatable and have flaws they try to overcome, and her stories are intriguing and pull the reader right in. They make the reader laugh, and cry - they are believable! When Annette isn't working on a new book, she enjoys reading, photography, traveling, and spending time with friends.

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