The Coven of the Crow and Shadows - Overview

The Coven of the Crow and Shadows

Author: Birdy Rivers
Genre: Fiction - Paranormal
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-13: 979-8444600870


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About :   The Coven of the Crow and Shadows

Ari is content to live her life in her pack and help her best friend, Sage, be Luna of the pack. That was until her parents led a rebellion against their pack with rogues that put Ari?s life in danger. Now imprisoned, she fears death until her Alpha and best friend come to the dungeons with a drop-dead sexy warlock who immediately catches her attention.

Zane is hell-bent on claiming his familiar that he has waited long enough for. The shifter that will be his partner in crime, his soul mate. Ari has two choices, go with Zane and be his familiar, or become a rogue. Ari chooses Zane, but when she does she has no idea the adventure she is about to go on.

Zane belongs to the Coven of the Crow and Shadows, a special coven that works for Death. They reap fresh souls and collect the spirits that got away. Zane ranks high in his coven as he is one of the leader's sons. He?s the most powerful and dangerous member of his coven for a reason and Ari will learn exactly why he is feared and highly respected.

As secrets of Ari?s past come to light that was hidden from her, she finds herself faced with more challenges than she knows what to do with. Adjusting to a new realm, a new life, and trying to resist her sexy master, Ari isn?t sure she will make it out alive. Can Zane help his beloved familiar while he lays claim to her everything? Can they find their happiness in the darkness they face?

About Birdy Rivers

Birdy Rivers was born in NJ and now resides in GA with her family. She has been writing since her teens and professionally writing since her mid twenties. When she isn't writing she is raising her twin girls and spending time with family and friends. Before Birdy became a full time Author and an Editor she worked a Medical Assistant. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, gaming with her hubby, and music. Music and writing have served as therapeutic measures for her depression and anxiety. Birdy is huge mental health advocate and often features the struggles of mental health in her stories.

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