The McCarron's Daughter - Overview

The McCarron's Daughter

Author: Sharon K. Middleton
Genre: Romance - Historical
Date Published: March 6, 2019
ISBN-10: 1684332486
ISBN-13: 978-1684332489


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About :   The McCarron's Daughter

Set during the American Revolutionary War with the British, the McCarron’s Daughter, by Sharon K. Middleton, is a historical fantasy or time travel romance that involves characters from the late 1700s, and the 21st century.

The plot is told in the voice of Fancy, a girl of color raised as the adopted daughter of Irish nobility in Virginia in the 1780s. Light, bright, and “almost white” Fancy passes as the legitimate heir until her father dies and she becomes a sex slave under the estate manager. She was the victim of horrible abuse, including rape, whippings, and total degradation. During this horrible period of her life, she becomes pregnant, making her life that much more complicated. Fate intervenes when an old friend visits the estate and is shocked by her predicament; he spirits her away from this hell she has endured.  Her life is a contrast of violence, kidnapping, abuse, and even murder offset with periods of being treated as a Duchess.

Fancy is a friend of Sassy, the main character of the Middleton’s series. Sassy is a visitor of the 1700s who literally stumbled into the century while taking a hike in the 21st century.  She has adapted to her new environment and uses her knowledge of 1700 century history to give her a roadmap of how to navigate the new world she inhabits.

The story weaves itself into the actual happenings of the American Revolution era. Middleton writes in vignettes that have some of the historic founding fathers and their adversaries playing cameo roles beside her cast of characters; individuals such as George Washington, Banastre Tarleton, Jefferson, Cornwallis, and more.  Major battles of the war are the backdrop to much of the story.
After her tumultuous existence of being treated as a sex slave, Fancy is married to Calvin Hobbs, a wealthy older man. The author’s descriptive style of her wedding ensemble is a historical fashion flashback: “pale celadon green quilted, silk petticoat, over panniers…full starched petticoats… topped with a white robe a la polonaise covered with pink embroidered flowers”. Her robe, which laced up the front, was over a matching stomacher that had sleeves edged with Irish bobbin lace “engageants”. The neckline had a pale pink, silk fichu. An extravagant jade and diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet set matched her wedding band.
Richard arrives from Beyond through a time portal in the same fashion as had Sassy. He falls in love with Fancy, which complicates the interaction between members of the dysfunctional, complicated family. Richard, also known as Rick, wonders if he has arrived at the wrong time. He states that he’ll never get used to chamber pots and outhouses. And he’ll miss “air conditioning, bathtubs, showers, refrigerators,… not to mention mosquito repellant.”

Genetics vs relationships are further complicated by the intrigue surrounding the Revolutionary War. The author’s well-researched examination of history is evident in Fancy’s journal of the events leading up to the battle of Yorktown. The fall of Yorktown from the view of citizens is especially interesting to historians. “The town reeked of rotting bodies…left behind to rot where they fell…hideous conditions…” making the camp susceptible to camp fever or epidemic typhus. “The caws of crows as they pecked at the corpses of the dead… overwhelming stench of death…” Fancy concentrates on survival through unexpected turns of events and violence.
The plot involves many characters from two previous books in this series. Fancy's, and other characters', involvement with George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and General Clinton, the British commander-in-Chief, lend historical credibility to this fiction. 
Through conversations and memories intricately woven into the story as the various characters interact, Fancy answers questions and digs deeper into their backstories.

Readers will anticipate a fourth book in the series.

Reviewed by:  Dr. Carol V. Weishampel 

About Sharon K. Middleton

Sharon K. Middleton is a fourth generation Texan, who grew up in San Antonio. Her great-grandmother immigrated from Mexico in the 1890s, and her grandfather taught her Spanish. She is currently an attorney licensed to practice in Texas and enjoys writing, showing and raising Skye terriers, and quilting. She loves North Georgia and hopes to retire there.

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