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Zack's Ranch (Bridleton) (Volume 3)

Zack's Ranch by Becky Barker is a Bridleton Book #3. It features Meredith and Zack. Zack's family owns a large ranch and Meredith is employed by his family. Meredith was previously married to a U. S. soldier who was killed in battle. She arrives at the ranch at a very hard time in her life - trying to get past being a young widow. Zack lives ...

Zyklon: A Francine Vega Investigative Thriller (Fava)

"Zyklon" by John Hazen is book two the Fava series. In this sequel the protagonist, Francine Vega, a young and up-coming reporter newly assigned as New York’s Action 6 News morning anchor stresses under her new promotion while becoming intimately involved with a strange series of murders and an odd Presidential Candidate, the Reverent ...


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