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Negotiations with God

Negotiations with God by R.W. Sowrider and John Box is an irreverent story of a man named Rowen who finds himself faced with the task of trying to get his life right so he can finally be accepted into Empyrean, the ultimate destination for the dead.  The novel opens with Rowen being chastised by the booming voice of Delemor, a God-like reptile ...

No Fences in Alaska

No Fences in Alaska by Glen Sobey is about a sixteen-year-old rebellious teenage girl named Harper whose life choices and actions alienates her from her immediate ...

No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth

No More Dodging the Bullets, is a fascinating memoir by Amy Herrig. It is an honest, in-depth airing of the author’s chaotic life and her self-discovery. Amy gives you a glimpse of her childhood years with her atypical family, who were neither dysfunctional and destitute nor upper class wealthy. However, her parents were of the hippy ...

No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling will keep the reader up all night wondering what happens next. Is this amusing mystery, a historical fantasy better classified as Steampunk? The author’s spectacular talent for immersing her readers in melodramatic adventure and the suspenseful plot is a delight. The straightforward tale has back ...

No Way Home

No Way Home, written by Christy Cooper-Burnett, is a time travel story where the ability to transport individuals back to a bygone era becomes the new method of incarcerating and punishing individuals who have broken certain laws.  Once a Prisoner is sentenced to a particular time in history, they’re given necessary training and ...


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