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Cara's Asylum

Cara’s Asylum by Elsa Harrow is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Carmen Brown, who prefers being called Cara. She is confined to Calm Springs, a place for people with mental issues.  Cara is a petite very beautiful young girl with a very confused view of what a teenager’s life is supposed to be like. Cara’s drug ...

Catamaran Crossing: A Sailing Adventure from La Coruña to Antigua

Landlubbers, as well as boating enthusiasts, will be intrigued by Catamaran Crossing, by Douglas Carl Fricke. More than an adventure story or a travel log, this memoir reveals dreams that come true. The author had verbally retold his 1986 sailing adventure numerous times and now he preserves it in writing.

His “opportunity of ...

Caught in a Web

Caught in A Web is written by Joseph Lewis and is a fictional story that illuminates the crisis teenagers face from the hardened drug dealers that prey on middle and high school students.   Lewis’s book is a gripping novel and at the same time a powerful social commentary on today’s drug epidemic that our nation faces. ...

CeeGee's Gift

CeeGee’s Gift by Joy H. Selak is an intergenerational novel that involves the reader, regardless of age, in the mysterious life of a 12 year old girl. Celia Gene, called CeeGee, is an introspective, shy young girl who struggles with an unexplained ability to know the future.

CeeGee describes herself as being critical and stubborn. A ...

Chameleons: An Untold World War II Story

    Chameleons An Untold World War II Story by Marcus A. Nannini is an absolutely fascinating examination of the mystery of what happened to the 2 man crew of the deadly Japanese midget submarine, the I-16-tou that participated in the Pearl Harbor attack.  The midget submarine I-16-tou had two 1000 pound torpedos that were fired at ...

Cold Betrayal

What would motivate a young secretary to drive a clunker from sunny Florida to Quebec, Canada, in January? Cold Betrayal by A. J. McCarthy follows Tori Anderson on her so-called vacation. The novel chronicles how fateful choices can often result in harrowing consequences. Naïve and trusting, Tori optimistically begins a suspenseful quest to ...

Cries In the Wind

Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce is the story of cold criminal cases. Attorney Megan Docket is delving into the information gathered about the murders of two women. These murders happened many many years before, but that does not deter Megan from digging and trying to put the pieces together to solve the murders. This is even true when the case takes ...

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