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Gathering the Fallen

After barely surviving the Black Tide and the demonic assault that followed, the group of newly possessed friends struggle to make peace with the willful spirits that inhabit them. While the spirits grant wisdom and power, it often comes at a terrible price.

Driven by her spirit’s crippling guilt and sorrow, Eliana leads ...

General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms

Not all was bright in the Garden of Eden until a mysterious sixteen-year-old traveler, Jack, arrives to shake up the animal world with the help of a neurotic cat, Miaow, universally despised because of his cowardice and duplicity. Miaow finds himself unwittingly drawn into leading an improbable uprising against King Roar and the fierce feline overlords' ...

Giant Banana Over Texas

Search for the People of the Temporary Tattoo. Examine the tortured mind of the Mad Stock Boy. Thrill to the exploits of the Hugging Detective. Cower in fear of the Grateful Man. These adventures and more await you in Giant Banana Over Texas: Darkly Humorous Tales, a collection of thirty-one short stories, perfect for fans of absurd comedy. Monty ...

Girl with a Future

The cover illustration of the novel, A Girl with a Future by Canadian author Parker Ames, is an intriguing, modern portrait of a young girl with a vivid personality and contemporary issues. This memoir-style fiction is a coming-of-age novel about Angie Cohen. Parker writes her story in the third person, which works great for Angie’s complicated ...

Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body

The political thriller, Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body, by Barry R. Ziman, begins with a fast-paced promise of mysterious undertakings. From its chilling beginning of a young woman's abduction to its unexpected conclusion, this is a story of political intrigue. The author paces the novel masterfully. His main character, Ryan McNeil, appears ...

Give It Back

Review Coming Soon!

God Made It All

From the fuzziest donkey to the slimiest toad? God made it all! Take a journey through the world of opposites to explore how creative our God is and relish in the uniqueness of His creation. Soak in the beautiful artwork and consider His creativity. This children's book is a masterpiece as unique as they come. From award-winning author, this ...

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody

Goodbye Rudy Kazoody by A A Freda is Joey's story. Joey is a teenage immigrant from Italy and his story spans the 1960's in the Bronx. He and most of his neighbors have come to America from another country. They are faced with not only being in a strange land, but maybe one of the most tumultuous decades America has ever seen. Joey teeters ...

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