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Waters Plantation

Waters Plantation is a work of fiction by Myra Hargrave Mcllvain, who is also known as a “teller of Texas tales”. In her previous work, she had explored the lives of the residents of the Stein house – Amelia and Helga, two sisters who had emigrated from Germany and made a niche for themselves in Indianola, Texas. Their story continues ...

What Hides Beneath

Everyone wonders what treasures are hidden out of sight when they visit a museum. Sometimes even those who work there may not know what may be discovered within the confines of their walls.

What Hides Beneath by J.L. Canfield is a thrilling tale of mystery that begins with the discovery of one such hidden treasure. Allison, an unassuming ...

Where the Hurt Is

“Where the Hurt Is,” by Chris Kelsey is a novel about a small town police chief, Emmett Hardy who struggles to find justice for a very disturbing murder of a young African American woman. The story takes place during the late sixties in Burr, Oklahoma, a mostly white town just east of the Texas state line.

Chief ...

White Oaks

White Oaks by Jill Hand is a dark somewhat whimsical story about what happens when siblings try to accommodate their aging father’s 90th birthday wish. Good old dad, Blanton Toombs Trapnell,  is not just the run of the mill nonagenarian he is worth billions. There is going to be a big birthday celebration ...

Why We Revolt

Why We Revolt by Victor Montori is an account of the issues and problems our nation faces in the healthcare system. Montori brings to light so many of the flaws, hindrances and absolute atrocities in the healthcare system. This book not only looks at the patient side of the issues but also the healthcare workers and providers. Dr. Montori has honed ...

Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks

Krishna Rose’s Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks is a well-researched and believable work of fiction that will challenge believers and atheists with an equally rich interpretive of gospel, history, and culture of two thousand years ago. Wonderfully fresh and readable -  it reads with considerable intellectual force about one of ...


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