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Left for Dead at Nijmegen

Author Marcus A, Nannini conducted many in-depth interviews with WWII veteran, Gene Metcalfe. Left for Dead at Nijmegen sub-titled The True Story of an American Paratrooper in World War II is so intriguing that it would read as a memoir if written in the first person. Gene’s personality and memory allow his story to be recreated with astounding ...

Little Tea

Little Tea, by Claire Fullerton, is a delightful “girlfriends” story with a Deep South setting. Three best friends who had bonded as high school students in Memphis, Tenn., in the mid1980s, reconnect twenty years later to support one another during a crisis. The author’s knowledge of Southern culture and dialect, and her descriptive ...

Love from the Barricade

Ashley Jean Granillo pens a wonderful coming of age novel titled Love from the Barricade. It is about a girl named Aijae Cruz, a young woman immersed in the music scene.  Aijae dreams that she will be the girlfriend or wife of some famous band member. She has created her fantasy lover named, Caleb Woodman of the Sync Street ...


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