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Paddle for a Purpose

What sane fifty-year-olds would dare a Tom Sawyer-like float trip from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico? Barb and Gene Geiger, not only achieved a five-month river trip in a tandem kayak but survived for Barb to write a memoir, “Paddle for a Purpose.” With planning, much prayer and perseverance, the ...

Praying for an Eclipse: Mother Moon (Volume 1)

Praying for an Eclipse: Mother Moon is a book about love, why we exist, what makes us happy, our spiritual being, man’s cruelty, and other subjects of life. It is a beautiful love story, but not one of eroticism. This is a masterpiece of literature skillfully written by Guillermo Marquez-Sterling. The story focuses on a Tarahumara woman named ...


Purgatorium by J. H. Carnathan is a fictional novel that explores the happenings to a man who is comatose as a result of a terrible car accident. This is not a story of died-and-come-back from heaven story but an almost died-and-come-back from a strange purgatory existence. It is a place where he is visited by beings who ...

Putting Bungee to Bed

Putting Bungee To Bed by Dr. Sasha Carr is the story of Ben and Bungee. Boy and monkey are best friends with issues about going to sleep at night. They bounce and bounce and bounce - then have no energy the next day to do the things they love. To overcome this dilemma, they must find a way to sleep at night and bounce and play all day. Ben comes ...

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