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Beleaguered Truth (Shattered Triangle Book 2)

Beleaguered Truth - Book II: The Shattered Triangle Trilogy by William P. Messenger is the continuation of the stories surrounding twin brothers, Giuseppe and Giovanni Lozano, and Detective Tom Moran. It’s a book about family loyalty, political aspirations, secrets, passion, and bloodshed.  The first book was Tom Moran’s ...

Beyond McCarron's Corner: Sassy's Story

Sharon K. Middleton’s historical romance book titled "Beyond McCarron’s Corner:  Sassy’s Story" is a story that finds Sarah Searcy, aka Sassy and her two dogs trekking into Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness and suddenly and mysteriously disappearing.  Something has happened to her, no phone ...

BlackDeath 23

BlackDeath 23 by Robert Mills is his journal written while flying helicopters in Iraq. The book begins with Mills leaving for basic training on September 11, 2001. Due to the events of that day in America his basic training was postponed. BlackDeath takes you day to day with Mills for the duration of his service in the military. Mills had a wife ...

Blown Cover

Blown Cover by Mark Hewitt is a high-octane thriller that explodes off of the starter blocks and races top speed to the final scene. For readers looking for a thriller where the action comes fast and furious, this is the ticket. From the opening pages, the bullets fly and bodies pile up. Through all the carnage, our protagonist, Duncan Hunter, remains ...

Brett Enters the Square Circle

David D’Aguanno has penned another adventure of his wise guy talking private detective, Brett Cornell, who presents a conceited, façade to all of those he encounters. Underneath all the bravado, insolence, immaturity, shallowness and innumerable other terrible traits lies a lonely confused man who is discovering that now in his thirties ...

Burying Leo

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh’s “Burying Leo” is a novel about a talented, beautiful woman, Ingrid Bassen, whose fictional story addresses the issues of equality, self-worth, dealing with sexual assault and other situations faced by women in today ’s rapidly changing world.

In the beginning of the story, Ingrid is living ...


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