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Managed Care

A master storyteller and humorist, author Joe Barrett confronts contemporary issues of senility, adult diapers and suicide with bizarre, laugh-out-loud humor. Managed Care is a hilarious story set in a typical for-profit nursing home that is the temporary residence of 33-year-old Frank Johnson.


Manifestation, Black Spiral, Book 2

Manifestation, by Rob Tucker, is the second volume in his Black Spiral series. The paranormal fantasy thriller is a complex physiological novel with a convoluted plot involving occult-style murders. The fascinating and intriguing page-turner is exhilarating and suspenseful with a complex cast of characters.
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My Father, My King (Second Son Chronicles Book 2)

My father my king by Pamela Taylor starts with the king's heirs paying their last respects to his passing and realizing the grave task before them. The crown passes to Harold, the uncle of Alfred, the novel’s protagonist and narrator. Alfred had been the king's favorite grandson and had enjoyed privileges granted ...

Mystic Invisible

Ryder Hunte Clancy's Mystic Invisible is a young adult fantasy set in the enchanted Highlands of Scotland. It is a charming and readable romp with a most sympathetic hero. Filled with delightful details of magic and Scottish folklore, the story follows the adventures of the protagonist, fifteen-year-old Monte Darrow, as he learns to live with ...


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